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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  October 24, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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re-election still looking for ways to fix the mortgage mess. arizona congresswoman gabrielle
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gif fords is undergoing intensive therapy. she was shot outside a political event in tucson. he office has not said if she will run for re-election. >> the sick new hampshire woman rescued is on her way back to the u.s. she will check in at johns hopkins in baltimore. back in august she started experiencing vision and memory problems at the south pole research station. doctors say she has stroke and should make a full recovery. news 4 is just getting started. are you ready for this? you can live the life of the jersey shore cast. >> the daughter of john and late
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elizabethedwards married. how she felt the presence of her mother. the training in the u.s. with a wo
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fans of m-tv jersey shore.
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the seaside home where the show is taped is now available for rent. the camera, lights and mike phone off the shooting of the show are gone. the rooms have been cleaned. the decor is all there. the duck phone, italian frags and the hot tub is still there. it's not a cheap stay. it will cost $2500 a night. >> whoa. >> whoa is right. >> jennifer lopez broke down into tears in the middle of her sold out concert in connecticut. before she performed she told the crowd it was the last song she wrote about love. it featured dancers to look like her ex's. afterward, the singer told the crowd, i took a trip down memory lane and started to cry as the
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crowd applauded. >> hey, the legal drama surrounding john edwards took a step down the aisle. we more on edwards and what his late life elizabeth played in their wedding. >> reporter: a picture perfect wedding, john got married. trevor, whom she met at princeton university, the maid of honor, emma claire. one of the groomsmen, her 11-year-old brother, jack. the father of the bride ducked in and out a back door to avoid photographers. he walked kate down the aisle. >> he was bursting through pride. >> later this week,edwards faces a hearing on krimial charges. he asked that a trial date be
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delayed until january. not invited to the wedding, rial hunter. kate's mother was not there. >> we got engaged shortly before she passed away and got a chance to talk about what the wedding would be like and messages she had and she was so happy because she loves my fiance and i was on this path that she was happy with and comfortable with. >> kate wrote in glamour magazine i feel lucky to have shared that joy with her and talk about the wedding. mom advised me to think carefully about the ceremony. it could be an important map for our life together. through it all, cancer, betrayal and tragedy, now legal challenges. kate is the glue that holds the family together, whether standing by her dad or eulogizing her mom.
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>> she could bring out the brave in her mom. she brought it out in all of us. her last days, she was comforting us. elizabethedwards talked about her marriage and children. >> did i waste my life, i decided i didn't. maybe i didn't get the same things out that i expected to or i was at the time. when i look back, there's lots of blessings that i have. i have the opportunity to have these great children. >> in her last book, she wrote about her children's future. >> when you are older, you tell your own children about your grandmother. she stood in the storm and did not breakaway. it surely has not. >> now, a new chapter opens for her beloved daughter, kate. >> they are getting a new member of the family, trevor, whoever he loves. he's got a big heart, elizabeth
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adored him. elizabeth was watching over there. the sunlight was coming down to us. >> that was andrea mitchell reporting. former "saturday night live" reporter took home the top comedy prize. will ferrell accepted the prize for humor. jack black, matthew broderick were a few who spoke at the event. they were regulars on "snl," there he is. farrell continued his success on the screen with movies. there he is in "talladega nights." we caught up with them on the red carpet. >> when you meet will, it's the same thing everyone says, you can't believe how nice he is, how tall he is. >> he would come on my show as a
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lep rachon. >> i'm getting a better angle from this camera. that's what they are all thinking and he's writing. finally. >> tonight's show will air october 31 on pbs. >> i love that guy. ron burgundy, an anchorman, two of my favorites. coming up, a chemical found. shoppers won't get a better deal elsewhere. for all your news online, be sure to follow news 4 online. search nbc washington on ♪
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there's now a potential reason for coffee lovers to keep their mugs filled. a study shows drinking three cups of joe a day could lower
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your risk for a certain kind of skin cancer. researchers looked at medical records for 100,000 adults. woman who drink three cups a day of coffee had a 20% lower risk for carcinoma. the risk was reduced by 9% for male coffee drinkers. just another reason. >> i only knew one. maybe i should drink a little more. >> nothing wrong with a cup of coffee here and there. >> it's not a little cup. >> you're like me. i have the big 20 ounce mug at home. i usually go through two or three of those. >> i like it all yearlong. >> i don't like it after the morning. i'm not much of an afternoon coffee person. i switch to tea after 8:30 or 9:00 in the morning. >> what are we going to have with the rain drops? >> apple cider? >> good. that sounds good. >> beautiful sunshine for a lot of us.
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there are clouds sneaking back in and may bring a five minute long rainshower to you. it's going to be it. a lot of folks, especially east of i-95, your rain chances are lower. the blue ridge, shenandoah valley, they are out there. it will be across far northern and western maryland. outside for now, nothing but sunshine. look at the blue waters of the potomac. not much in the way of cloud cover. the skies are clear. looking out to the west. you can see a little more in the way of cloud cover. 67 mild degrees now. a light breeze out of the southeast. honestly a pleasant day. 65 at the naval academy. 67 in springfield. 66 at reston town center. 60 cool degrees in anchorstown
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now. here is the rain on top of hagerstown. not much going on in and around the city. zoom in a bit. a couple sprinkles here to the south of lees burg to southern montgomery county. this is two to three inches of rain. we continue to widen it. there's an organized band of rain. they come over the mountains with a tendency to dry out. not a lot of rain in the forecast. mid-60s here for the next couple hours. mid-50s by 11:00 p.m. the skies start to clear out after midnight. you can see the clear skies to the south and west. they are the clear skies we get here overnight and into tomorrow. this thin line of showers zipping through by 8:00, 9:00 this evening. a chilly start tomorrow morning thanks to the clear skies. a bright, sunny afternoon coming our way. a passing shower through 8:00, 9:00. that's it.
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mid-60s now. clearing skies overnight. lows in the low 40s out west. tomorrow, mostly sunny and beautiful, mild. any positive adjective that you would like to put on it. highs in the upper 60s. starford, fredericksburg might touch 70 degrees. a mild one coming up wednesday. tomorrow is the pick of the litter because it's bright and sunny. rain is likely after midnight through much of the day on thursday. we catch a little bit of a breezy, cool break in the rain on friday. saturdays, we may have a coastal storm to worry about. it will bring more in the way of wind and rain chances as we get into saturday afternoon. hopefully, we can get it out of here. the marathon is sunday morning. i don't feel like running in the rain. hopefully we can get the rain out in time. follow the forecast on the website and on twitter at
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chuckbe chuckbe chuckbe chuckbell4. >> if you are your pup in an out fit, we would love to see that. >> thanks. >> tune into nbc washington nonstop if you are hungry. join us, join me. i took a trip to the palm in d.c. it's celebrating their 85th anniversa anniversary. he's really the manager of all their properties here. he's been in the family for four generations with palm. i spent plenty of time in there. i brought all this back to the news room, fed our entire center. look at their cheesecake. >> where was i? >> i think you were out that day. look at the piece of chocolate cake. and their key lime pie is my favorite. we had lobster, that was my favorite. >> later on, nbc washington
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nonstop, check out the scene d.c. at 9:30. we go behind the scenes with a tour. we get a sneak preview of the big show coming to town. it's tonight on nbc washington nonstop. still ahead on news 4 this afternoon, the defense calls it first witnesses of michael jackson's doctor. >> three people go to court accused of locking other people in
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welcome back, everyone. 4:30. i'm jim handly. >> i'm pat lawson muse. here is what's happening at this hour. at least 279 people confirmed dead after the 7.2 manager tud earthquake that devastated turkey. rescuers continue searching through the rubble for survivors. dozens of people are believed to be trapped beneath the debris. president obama is in nevada to announce a new program to make it easier for some homeowners to refinance. under the new plan, homeowner who is own more than their home is worth need to refinance. they need to be current on their
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mortgages. police are investigating a murder suicide. officials found a man and woman dead inside one of the patient rooms this morning. investigators say the woman was receiving treatment there and her husband was visiting. police identified the woman as sandra bell lard and her husband as 80-year-old albert. britney is accused of killing her co-worker at the bethesda store back in march. the trial is expected to last eight days. she's pleaded not guilty. we'll have the latest in a live report at 5:00. in court, the defense started to present their case. he's accused of manslaughter. stephanie stanton has the latest from los angeles. >> the people ask to rest. >> reporter: they wrapped after
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four strong weeks of testimony. the defense called their first witness, from the beverly hills police department. >> it's when the dispatcher picked up the 911 call. the defense attempted to poke holes in the testimony. dr. conrad murray gave michael jackson 40 times of propofol than what he claimed. he believes dr. murray administered the anesthetic through the iv drip. >> it's consistent with michael jackson dying. >> reporter: the defense says jackson took eight lorazapam pills. murray left the room in a desperate attempt to sleep. sources say murray's lawyers have developed a new time line and will lay it out for the
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jury. >> they have to kick up enough sand and hopefully something sticks to create doubt. >> dr. white is going to point out mistakes with the testimony. that he didn't know the drug. he didn't know the literature and he was making all the assumptions just to have an opinion against dr. murray. >> reporter: defense is going to call 13 witnesses hoping to chip away at the case. after being on tour for nearly three weeks, michael's sister janet has canceled shows in australia to be here to support her family. stephanie stanton, nbc news. meanwhile, janet jackson is rescheduling part of her australian concert tour to support her family during trial this week. she was supposed to perform three shows in melbourne.
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instead, she's condensing them into one next month. in a statement, she thanks her fans for her support saying her family needed to be together at this time. attorneys for the three people accused of holding mentally disabled people in a philadelphia basement made an appearance in court. they are all charged with kidnapping and false imprisonment. authorities believe they wanted to steal social security checks for their victims. the court, the judge scheduled a preliminary hearing for december now. an attorney for weston, considered a ring leader says he will assess her mental state over the next couple weeks. >> one of the world's most no torious is falling silent. wikileaks is suspending anything in order to raise money. they have been left with no
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choice. companies pulled the plug on wikileaks after publishing 250,000 state department documents last year. much more ahead on news 4 today. on the hunt for a killer whale thought to be responsible for the death of an american living in australia. and a spectacular
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free wii fit plus with balance board. all you need to do is just like our nbc washington page on facebook, then sign up to win great prizes. we are going to pick the winner at 7:00 tonight and make the announcement at 11:00 p.m. newscast. friday's winner is alicia. the controversial chemical bpa is found in many plastic products. now, it may cause behavioral problems in young girls. it may make them susceptible to depression and anxiety. we have the report. >> reporter: all manufacturers that sell baby bottles rebooufs bpa in their products. the efforts to shield babies from the check cal may have been misguided and should have been aimed at the mothers. this is the first human study to show it.
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>> reporter: a study was done on 200 mothers and their young children measuring the levels of bpa. pregnant women who had higher levels of bpa had daughters with slightly elevated problems. >> girls with higher bpa had more depression, anxiety, hyper activity and aggression. >> reporter: there's no link between boys from when they were born and behavioral issues. we all have bpa in our systems. it's in plastic products, in our food and resets. they mimic human hormones and is linked to cancer and developmental problems. the american chemistry council states because of the way bpa is processed in the body, it's
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likely it could cause health effects at an exposure level. >> the exposures we learned are typical of pregnant women in the united states. >> reporter: he agrees his study needs to be confirmed and he plans to follow the children through age nine. erica edwards, nbc news. when we continue, the nation's largest retailer is offering a big guarantee to holiday shoppers. new information comes to light in the case of a missing baby in kansas city. a
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mount aetna erupted again. it put on an impressive display launching flames up into the air. it's the second largest city in sicily. the eruption caused disruptions at the airport but it reopened this morning. that is impressive. i have seen that in the daytime, but it only matters at night. that's when it comes alive. >> quite a sight. >> they have had a lot of trouble with that mountain over
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the millennium. we have sunshine out there now. it's not going last forever. we have showery activity. be ready for that. we are taking in the pet picks for halloween. if you have a picture of your cat, kitten or dog or pet bird wearing a halloween costume, send it into outside right now, bright sunshine, at least in washington and points east. a little more cloud cover to the west. it's a mild day where the showers have not found you, yet. 67 degrees downtown. mild weather also all the way out toward the blue ridge. there are more on the way of clouds as well. we'll watch this over the next couple hours. tomorrow, tomorrow is going to be a great day. bright and sunny. temperatures up near 70 degrees. overnight, the shower chances will be gone by 8:00, 9:00, 10:00. overnight lows back down into
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the 40s. mid to upper 40s in town and the bay. lower 40s out toward blue ridge. skies going mostly clear after midnight tonight. look at this for tomorrow. a lot of spots close to 70 degrees for tomorrow. that's going to be the nicest day of the week. clouds come back and rain chances for thursday. here is one lonesome shower off the west-northwest side of the capital beltway. this is a five-minute long event. we have been talking about that. not a lot of rain expected with this. steadier showers across washington county, maryland. northwest of martinsburg. what looks to be an impressive line here is falling apart as it makes its way through the mountains. it's not going to last much longer. this thin line of showers going through here, again, all of that should be done with by 8:00 or 9:00 this evening. clearing skies will allow for a
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clear start. enjoy the sunshine tomorrow. it will stay mild on wednesday, but a whole lot cloudier as the next weather front slides down in our general direction. i don't think we have to worry about rain on wednesday until after sunset. probably not until after midnight. for the overnight hours, clearing skies. after midnight, for sure. tomorrow, sunny, beautiful, mild, all that great stuff. a lot of great fall color to look at and photograph as well. temperatures upper 60s to near 70 degrees. the 70 degree days as november approaches, they are going to be hard to come by. the next two will be great. rainy and cool weather for thursday. cloud and breezy, chilly on friday. don't have the rain chance in there for friday, yet. may have to put it in tomorrow. we'll keep you posted. saturday looks ugly. windy, rainy, nasty. low 50s. on the marine corps marathon
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day, mid-50s. we could have temperatures hovering near 40 degrees and a breeze on sunday morning. >> oh, no. >> it could be a chilly start. >> thank you, chuck. kansas city police are revealing new evidence linked to the disappearance of 11-month-old baby lisa irwin. >> the evidence includes video of the mystery man. lisa's parents debra and jeremy are staying with relatives while the search is on the way. last night, they let peter alexander tour the home saying they have nothing to hide. >> reporter: this is baby lisa's bedroom. the spot on the light switch where police were trying to find fingerprints. the small frames, her hands and footpri footprint. her clothes, still hanging in the closet. the scooby doo out fit.
4:47 pm
the photograph fite from fingerprinting process. this is the window they suspect an abductor came inside the home. this is the family room or computer room. if it was an abduction, they would have had to come through here and into the kitchen. this here on the counter is where the family says the three cell phones were missing. they believe the abductor would have come into this hallway, passing by the room where her brothers sleep then coming into here, her bedroom and walking down this wall way. come with me. then they would have come this direction with the baby in their arms to the front door that was unlocked that morning at 3:45 a.m. where police tried to find new fingerprints. this police affidavit is showing
4:48 pm
new findings. according to the affidavit, a cadaver dog smelled the scent of a human body. >> it usually starts within four minutes of biological death. it's going to be within minutes that a dog should be able to find that scent, if it actually existed. >> reporter: police reviewed this surveillance video taken from a gas station less than a mile away from the home the night lisa vanished. it shows a person walking out of the area. this neighbor lives doors away says they have spoken to investigators about a suspicious man they saw in the area that night. >> what actually did you see that night? >> a gentleman walking up the street, 12:15 carrying a baby. >> reporter: a baby in his arms? >> yes. >> reporter: was the baby wearing anything? >> no. at that time, the baby was wearing a diaper, it looked
4:49 pm
like, it appeared. >> reporter: what did you think? >> it was odd. that was peter alexander. deborah says she was drunk the night the baby disappeared, but denies being involved in the disappearance. britain's queen gets to see the side of a royal subject shay may not have wanted to see. coming up at 5:00, the search for a suspect in a series of race targeting members of a specific sorority. tonight on news 4 at 6:00, trouble in the race for the white house. tonight, [ speaking french ] [ speaking french ] movie buffs! this film is tres bien, but the interest rate on your checking account is le pew. interest on your checking? earn more with new high yield free checking at capital one bank. your interest rate will be five times the national average.
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z. get a sense -- everybody is saying it. >> okay but queen elizabeth is not everyone. she was mooned today while greeting people today during a visit in the city of brisbane, australia. the man was arrested after flashing his buttocks at her. he was charged with willful exposure and being a public nuisance. he has a court date for friday. it's not clear if the queen saw the mooning. there's denial over photos
4:53 pm
that appear to show prince harry kissing a waitress in california. jessica donaldson described as a kate middleton look-a-like was at a san diego bar. it only looks like they were making out because of the angle in which the photo in question was taken. she called him a total gentleman. he's in california to complete his apache helicopter training. walmart is trying to lure bargain hunters for the holidays. it's guaranteeing you get the lowest price. if you buy certain products at walmart and find them at another store for less, walmart will give you a gift card for the difference. the retailer calls this the christmas price guarantee. it's valid on products sold between november 1 and december
4:54 pm
25. there are some restrictions and catches. the biggest catch is you don't get a cash refund, it's a walmart gift card. >> but it's a match. >> it's a match. you can do more shopping. >> coming up, there's been a third deadly shark attack in australia. this time, an american is the victim. >> for all your news, be sure to follow news 4
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an american diver was killed off the coast of sydney australia over the weekend in a shark attack. >> this is the third attack in australia this year in the same area and now officials are on the hunt for a killer shark. >> sarah james has the latest from melbourne. >> reporter: after the third fatal shark attack off western australia in a matter of weeks, they ordered fisheries to hunt and kill a rogue great white. >> there will be a helicopter in the air as of tomorrow. that will be a temporary arrangement until a helicopter arrives. >> this shark seen in the area shortly after the attack could be the one that killed thomas wainwrig wainwright. he came to work in ocean engineering. he hailed from the florida
4:58 pm
panhandle. he was a man with a passion for life and for the ocean who also adored australia. >> the day before, he sent us an e-mail about coming over to australia for christmas. >> reporter: on saturday, wainwright and two american friends took a boat to a picturesque island offshore from the city of perth. some fear there could be one predator responsible for three deadly attacks. scientists say it's more likely there were three separate sharks trailing the whales migrating through the area. authorities are doing everything they can to prevent another attack like this one. back to you. >> sarah james. that does it for news 4 at 4:00. >> news 4 at 5:00 starts right now. tonight on news 4 at 5:00,
4:59 pm
the trial under way. the case of a woman charged with murdering a co-worker inside a popular bethesda boutique begins. >> the debate renewed. experts consider expanding the use of a vaccine used for young women to young men. >> down and out. injuries suffered by the redskins after yesterday's loss to the panthers. >> hello, i'm jim handly. >> i'm pat lawson muse. wendy rieger is off tonight. two elderly people at a retirement community are dead today in what police are calling a murder suicide. it happened this morning at the village of rockville on veers road. pat collins is live in rockville at this hour with the latest on this story. pat? >> pat, the rickville couple involved in the incident identified as an 80-year-old and his wife sandra, 74 years old say she was seriously injured


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